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Tickets from Russia to the EU border for evacuated Ukrainians

Whom do we help?

If you are a Ukrainian citizen evacuated to Russia from the war zone after February 24, 2022, if you can’t afford to buy tickets and you wish/need to leave Russia, my friends are ready to pay for your railway tickets so that you can reach the EU border (Estonian or Latvian). This is a private initiative of Russians who care. We only buy tickets for trips inside Russia.

What do you need to do?

Write to us. This page contains all contact options . Please tell us briefly when you got to the Russian Federation, where you came from, the number of people in your group, and your current location. It is easier for us to get in touch with you via Telegram. Please give us your Telegram contact if you need a quick response.

How will we respond?

We’ll contact you within 24 hours to discuss the details of the trip. If you have people with limited mobility and/or children, we’ll discuss all the details, tell you how to find volunteers who will help you at all locations on your way. You need to provide your first and last name, date of birth and passport number. We will buy tickets online and send them to you. Please consider all aspects before contacting us. Will you be able to make the trip? When exactly can you leave? If we buy tickets and you fail to use them, other people in need won't be able to leave. Once you cross the border, you will be picked up by European volunteers who will help you move on.

If you are now in the DPR, LPR Rostov, Taganrog or Dzhankoy

If you are now in Donetsk or Mariupol, you first need to get to Taganrog using evacuation transport. We will then transfer you to Rostov. We will buy train tickets from Rostov to St. Petersburg or Pskov. We purchase tickets in advance, preferably at least one day in advance, otherwise they become very expensive or get sold out. Minibuses run from St. Petersburg to the border, and again we can buy tickets via the Internet or find a volunteer who will meet you at the station and take you to the border (Ivangorod). If you have no money at all, please mention it in your letter. We’ll figure out what to do.

If you have already been taken to some distant place (Temporary Accommodation Center)

If you are currently in a Temporary Accommodation Center (TAC) and your situation is relatively stable, we can take time and discuss the date and conditions of your departure. If you are waiting for the 10,000 rubles you were promised by the Russian state, please think about whether it is worth waiting for. According to our sources, once you arrive at the TAC you have to wait for at least a month for this payment.

How many tickets have we bought so far?

As of April 18, 2024, we bought 28388 tickets, contact us.